17 Aug 2014

I Celebrate 16 September not 31 August

hanya 2 minggus lagi Malaysia akan menyambut hari Kemerdekaan pada tanggal 31 Ogos. Tetapi kenapa aku merasa janggal hendak menyambut tanggal 31 ogos?. Aku bukan pengkhianat tetapi aku lebih suka berpaksi kepada fakta sebenar.

Sejak dibangku sekolah aku seperti anak-anak kecil yang lain diajar untuk mengenal apa itu rukun negara, rukun islam, rukun iman, lagu kebangsaan Malaysia dan lagu kebangsaan Negera Sarawak ( Aku pernah menyanyikan lagu Kebangsaan Negera Sarawak lama dan baru ) 

Kenapa harus anak-anak kita disekolah sudah ditipu oleh bangsa kita sendiri? Nilai sejarah itu amat berharga untuk ditanam dalam jati diri bagi membentuk masyarakat yang berilmu baik sejarah hitam atau pun sejarah putih.

Pembentukan Malaysia adalah terdiri daripada 4 buah negara yang merdeka

1. Tanah Malayu ( Persekutuan Tanah Melayu ) 31 Ogos 1957
2. Borneo Utara ( Sabah ) - 31 Ogos 1963
3. Kingdom of Sarawak ( Sarawak ) - 22 Julai 1963
4. Republic of Singapore ( Singapura ) - Keluar dari Malaysia
5. Brunei ( Menarik diri sebelum pembentukan )

12 Aug 2014

Outcry over RM150 per crossing

KUCHING: Toll charges of the Murum Bridge built across the Murum HEP Dam flooded area is highest in the nation and likely in the world as motorists have to pay RM150 per crossing which means RM300 per return trip.

The astronomical charges imposed by a timber concessionaire in the area which built the bridge have raised a storm of protests among the people in the Murum area and those who work there.

“It’s just ridiculous to pay such an exorbitant amount to use the Murum Bridge,” Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang told The Borneo Post here yesterday.

According to sources, the timber concessionaire which operates in the area had started to charge road users RM300 for a return trip for using its bridge starting end of July.

Before this, the company was charging similar amount for using its manually operated ferry across the lake.

“To me that kind of fee is just too much. How could the locals be able to afford such high charges?” asked Liwan.

He said the company should not impose any toll for the usage of the bridge in the first place since it had benefited from harvesting the timber resources in the area.

“Since the company has been reaping the timber resources from the area, which also belonged to the people of Belaga, the company should in return, allow the locals from the whole district to use the bridge free of charge.

“That area in Murum is also our hinterland because we have given away our rights for the government to build both the Bakun and Murum HEP dams. So all those affected by these mega projects should be allowed to use the bridge as they still need to source for raw materials in the deep forest for jungle produce which they still depended on,” said Liwan who is also the Assistant Minister of Culture and Heritage.

He further pointed out that since those who moved to Sg Asap Resettlement Scheme to give way to the Bakun dam were only given 2.8 acre per family, they should also be given the access to the forest in Murum.

Liwan said if indeed the charges were that high, he would bring up the matter during the upcoming Cabinet meeting.

“It is my duty to assist in whatever way I could for my people,” added Liwan, who is also PRS Youth chief.

It was also reported that the Penan resettlers at Metalun were given free access to use the bridge.

However, even the government would have to apply from the timber concessionaire before they could use the bridge for free.

Most of those who have to use the bridge are teachers who taught at SK Metalun, the dam’s contractor and its workers and SEB staff stationed at the Murum HEP Dam.

Meanwhile, State PWD director Zuraimi Sabki could not be reached for comment.

Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2014/08/12/outcry-over-rm150-per-crossing/#ixzz3A8bPUfLC

11 Aug 2014

Luahan Rasa Selepas Pulang Cuti Raya

'Decent' woman a worldwide fugitive 

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman stands alone at the top of the commercial crimespolice wanted list, after allegedly conning several celebrities andprominent people of a staggering total of RM432 million. Her victims include veteran rock singers Amy (Search), Hattanand Awie, as well as Misha Omar and the wife of a Tan Sri, who lostRM26 million. Rohaniza Aladib, 31, is believed to have absconded toAustralia with her ill-gotten gains.

Singers Hattan and Awie had previously confessed to being conned byRohaniza, whom they said appeared "decent". Police said Rohanizapersuaded her victims to part with their money by promising themreturns of as much as 50 per cent on their investment within 30 days.As with such scams, her victims would receive the promised returns ontheir initial investment, thus encouraging them to "invest" more,perhaps with money borrowed from friends and relatives. Hattan said thegood returns on the first RM50,000 he gave Rohaniza led him to keepadding money to his investment until it reached RM1.4 million. Awiesaid he lost RM50,000 to the woman, who had promised him a return of 30per cent within 45 days. The scheme promised huge returns oninvestments in an international cigarette company. Rohaniza allegedlyused Erza Corporation as a front for her scheme.

Her last known address was 12, Jalan RTU 33/17A, Damansara Indah Resort Homes, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. It is learnt that the suspect had a record of cheating since she was a youth, and had been sentenced to jail for it.

On release, however, she resumed her activities with an even moreelaborate scheme. Rohaniza, from Perak, is now listed on the InterpolRed Notice wanted list, making her a worldwide fugitive. The biggestsingle reported loss in a commercial crime case last year was the PortKlang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, contributing RM410 million to the totalRM1.3 billion loss. Since news of the PKFZ fiasco broke last year, LawJenn Dong, a former Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd project manager, StephenAbok, chief operating officer of KDSB, architect Bernard Tan Seng Sweeand former Port Klang Authority general manager Datin Paduka Phang OiChoo have been charged with various offences connected with the case.Discrepancies over PKFZ's development were uncovered by a special taskforce of lawyers, accountants, quantity surveyors and building costconsultants from professional firms, set up by the Transport Ministryfollowing an audit report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The 4.5ha PKFZ wasinitially conceived as a RM1.8 billion project.

The audit report released on May 28 revealed that the project's costmay spiral up to RM12.45 billion, more than six times the originalestimate.

9 Aug 2014

Ebola Outbreak 2014

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared West Africa’s Ebola outbreak an international health emergency, and called for global “solidarity” in the fight to stop the spread of the virus which has now claimed close to a thousand lives.

States of emergency have already been declared in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where the number of Ebola cases continues to rise. Margaret Chan, director general of WHO, said that there was still potential for further international spread, and warned that the countries affected did not have the capacity to manage the outbreak alone.

It is only the third time that WHO has declared a public health emergency of international concern, a high level of threat previously applied to the H1N1 “swine flu” outbreak in 2008, and the ongoing polio outbreak in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

According to the latest WHO figures, released yesterday, 961 people had been killed in the current Ebola outbreak, which is by far the worst since the virus was first identified in the 1970s. In a small sign that progress might be being made, WHO said that on 5 and 6 August there had been no new cases of Ebola in Guinea, here the outbreak began in February.

However, there were 68 new cases across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, the latest country to see transmission of the virus, and many experts remain deeply pessimistic about the prospects for an early end to the outbreak.

British expert Dr Ben Neuman, a virologist at the University of Reading, said that it was unlikely the virus could be stopped completely until “after Christmas”. However, he said the declaration of an international emergency was “a big forward step” in the fight against the disease. “This will make the vast resources of the United Nations such as funds, experts and equipment available to help stop Ebola,” he said.

In the affected countries, there are still signs that public health messages aimed at preventing the spread of the virus are not getting through to many communities, and suspicion of health workers and of isolation centres where Ebola patients are treated remains high.
WHO will decide next week whether to use experimental medicines in the fight against Ebola. The plan comes after an experimental treatment used on two American aid workers infected by Ebola reportedly helped improve their condition. There has been anger among many in the affected countries that the serum, known as ZMapp, will not be available in African countries, but the US Centers for Disease Control says there is hardly any stock and that its efficacy is still in doubt. Even if it were deployed, it would be three to four months before even modest amounts could be manufactured, experts said.

A Spanish priest who became the first person infected with Ebola to be treated in Europe, after being flown into Spain earlier this week, was said to be in a stable condition yesterday.

There has been criticism of the international response to the crisis, which has only gained momentum in recent days. Dr Bart Janssens, director of operations for Doctors Without Borders, which has 66 international and 610 national staff working in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, said that it had been warning for weeks that “a massive medical, epidemiological and public health response is desperately needed”.

Boycott with destroy property?

A boycott is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons. Sometimes, it can be a form of consumer activism.

Boycott the meaning of the above is clearly not the action which resulted in damage to property. But what happened in Peninsular Malaysia is their Boycott of Fast Food Restaurants Mc Donal property damage because dipercayaai Mc Donal donate or support Israel. 

If this happens, we should respect the workers in the restaurant who make a living like everyone else. Boycott involving damage to already be a riot. 

I think people who hold boykott by destroying property is part of Zionist thinking itself. Just thought Zionists who like damaging property. obviously his equation without realizing it. 

The social networking site has become viral in Malaysia, especially in Peninsular Malaysia is only the most obvious Donal Mc. But still there are many restaurants that are not associated with the Jewish people in extreme diboycott. My question may have interested parties in the extreme memboycott Mcdonal up involving damage. They will take the opportunity to do property damage. 

But in Sabah and Sarawak Boycott activity is not extreme to cause damage. This is because the attitude of the people of Sabah and Sarawak loved the peace and not do damage to their property that may eventually result in losses. 

But there are still many people who are in facebook comments as if they were great and strong to fight against Jewish atrocity. If they had just found out the arguments on the social networking site, why not immediately to help Gaza physically there. This newly named Jihat not just hinting at facebook. Jihat on facebook is not meaningful in Gaza. 

In the case of Boycott McDonald is in Malaysia only McDonald? more product lines and items associated with Jewish and Israeli Boycott why not at all. Why McDonald only ?. 

For those who want to Boycott products that are associated with Jewish and Israeli Boycott courteous manner and not by destroying property. Be smart people to solve problems.

7 Aug 2014


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Kisah Budak Pailang Buli Pelajar

kisah budak perempuan Tingkatan 3 nie mengaku mereka nie Samseng/Pailang/KAK Long. Sekarang apa yang sudah berlaku? hahaha pailang lah sangat kan, Kak Long lah sangat kan.

Korang bertiga nie memang tidak sedar diri. Muka suka lah nak buli sepak terajang anak orang. Korang memang hebat di sekolah. 23 Jun ni korang pailang kat mahkamah pulak ye... 

Tapi yang bersubahat tu sepatutnya kena tindakan juga ramai mereka yang belasah 1 orang. 

adalah tidak adil kalau mereka digantung sekolah. mereka ini bukan hendak belajar mereka ini telah memilih jalan ini.

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Umur 15 tahun sudah baligh bererti mereka sudah matang. kalau sudah matang mereka sudah dapat menilai apa yang baik dan apa yang buruk.

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6 Aug 2014

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18 Jul 2014

Koleksi Video Sepanjang Kejadian MH17


Rusia Menembak Jatuh Pesawat Malaysia Airline MH17 dari Amsterdam Ke Kuala Lumpur pada 17 Julai 2014

Pihak Rusia di bawah pentadbiran Vladimir Putin telah menembak jatuh sebuah pesawat penumpang MH17 yang sedang dalam perjalanan dr Armsterdem ke Kuala Lumpur pada 17 Julai 2014.

Vladimir Putin - President Rusia
Rusia dan Ukraine telah lama berbalah kerana keadaan politik mereka yang tidak aman. Mereka sering berperang.

MH17 yang membawa penumpang seramai 283 dan 15 anak kapal terbunuh dan dipercayai pesawat tersebut ditembak jatuh dikawasan Ukraine 40KM dr sempadan Rusia. berikut adalah warganegara penumpang pesawat MH17.

Belanda - 154 

Malaysia - 43 (termasuk 15 kru dan dua bayi)
Australia - 27
Indonesia - 12 (termasuk seorang bayi)
United Kingdom - 9
Jerman - 4
Belgium - 4
Filipina - 3
Kanada - 1
Belum dikenal pasti - 41

MH17 yang dijangka mendarat di Kuala Lumpur pada jam 610am hilang daripada radar.

Menurut saksi yang melihat kejadian mereka melihat sebuah pesawat di tembak menggunakan misil sebelum pesawat tersebut jatuh dan terbakar di timur Ukraine.

Pihak Ukraine menafikan bahawa mereka tidak menembak pesawat tersebut sebaliknya menuduh Rusia kerana pihak Rusia mempunyai peralatan perang yang canggih.

Pray For MH17-RIP

31 May 2014

Coklat Jenama Cadbury Disahkan Mengandungi DNA Khinzir

Coklat Cadbury yang berjenama antarabangsa di Malaysia telah didapati mengandungi kandungan DNA Khinzir.

berikut adalah berita mengenai coklat Jenama Cadbury

SHAH ALAM – [DIKEMASKINI] Syarikat pengeluar produk berasaskan coklat, Cadbury Dairy Milk hari ini menarik balik dua produknya yang didakwa mengandungi DNA babi serta-merta.

Antara produk terbabit ialah Hazelnut Cadbury Dairy Milk dan Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond.

Tindakan itu dibuat susulan daripada penemuan DNA babi (porcine) yang terdapat dalam produk Coklat Susu Cadbury dengan Kacang Hazelnut dan Coklat Susu Cadbury dengan Kacang Badam oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM).

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, Cadbury Confectionary Malaysia Sdn Bhd memberi jaminan akan menarik semula produknya dari pasaran dengan serta-merta.

Menurut kenyataan itu, tiada coklat Cadbury dipengaruhi oleh ujian tersebut.

Dalam pada itu, pihaknya sedang menjalankan kajian penuh rantaian bekalan bagi memastikan semua standard kualiti terus dipenuhi.

"Kami memberi jaminan kepada pengguna kami bahawa coklat Cadbury yang dikeluarkan oleh Malaysia adalah disahkan halal oleh Jakim termasuk lokasi dan bahan mentah yang digunakan dalam pengeluaran produk tersebut.

"Kami menggunakan prosedur kualiti yang ketat untuk memastikan bahawa produk kami mematuhi standard tertinggi kualiti dan keselamatan kami," katanya.

Pendedahan itu dibuat KKM dan mengesahkan bahawa dua dari tiga sampel Coklat Cadbury yang diambil telah diuji dan didapati positif porcine.

Sumber : http://www.sinarharian.com.my/

4 May 2014


Sesuai sangat lah aku guna FONT bersaiz Besar, Biar mereka nampak tahap kemarahan kita ka..

tajuk entri aku Kampung Tanpa Wayar hebat kan. seluruh kampung dapat menenet. free.. hahahah tapi korang tahu ke apa tu kampung tanpa wayar?

usaha kerajaan mewujudkan KTW adalah terbaik dimuka bumi ini. Tiada negara di dunia ini prihatin dengan rakyat,kecuali Malaysia

tetapi sejauh mana kerajaan menyediakan internet untuk rakyat?? adakah sekadar suka suka, adakah ingin dipuji, adakah sekadar untuk menunjuk nunjuk, atau sekadar perhiasan untuk menunjukkan besarnya parabola...

Coverage internet KTW adalah luas terbentang... tetapi kenapa saya hairan depan rumah saya ada remaja2 bawa laptop duduk duduk.. saya tanya kenapa tak buka di rumah... SlOW... wow... slow hahahah pemacar tu depan rumah saya jer....memang buat perhiasan lah nie.. nak tunjukkan kehebatan ... tapi tak sehebat mana pun...

lepas tu saya cuba coooooonek tpi tak dapat...

what next.... so buang duit


Hari ahad aku terganggu

ada seorang budak sekolah menengah datang mengetuk pintu untuk meminta derma bagi aktiviti sekolah.

masih ada lagi ke budaya sekolah suruh pelajar minta derma dengan orang awam. saya rasa macam pelik. ini bukan zaman 80an ini zaman moden. dulu memanglah kekurangan dana terutama sekolah yang berada diluar bandar untuk menganjurkan aktiviti. mereka guna kaedah suruh budak sekolah minta derma.

budaya menderma ini bukanlah satu yang tidak bagus tetapi saya melihat daripada perspektif kenapa hendak suruh pelajar untuk meminta derma.

Pelajar adalah untuk belajar bukan untuk belajar bagaimana hendak minta derma. bagi saya Pengetua sekolah ini pemalas, tidak dapat memikirkan bagaimana hendak mendapatkan peruntukan untuk aktiviti. kalau tak ada duit kenapa hendak menganjurkan majlis.

bukan sekali atau dua kali, kesian juga saya melihat ibubapa dipejabat membawa kad derma dari meja ke meja bagi pihak anaknya untuk mendapat derma. adalah lebih baik Kalau pengetua sekolah memohon derma daripada golongan yang berada untuk meminta derma.

Saya cukup tidak setuju kalau budaya derma menderma ni suruh budak..

bye the way. Budaya ini seharus tidak perlu wujud lagi zaman skrg.. macam dalam cerita Labu Labi jew....

#wujudkan Subjek MARI MENDERMA.

aku peduli apa...sememang nya pengetua pemalas.

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