11 Sep 2012

Recieving Call From Insurance Company

Today i receiving a phone call from insurance company. They want to introducing me some life insurance plan. It make me angry how came they no my phone number. They can not answer my question "Where you get my phone number?".

It may be done by the BULLSHIT BANK. They always done this and denied after that. it happen to me last year when i apply credit card with bank. i do the transaction and a few's week later i received a phone call from company insurance.

When i asked the bank i get the answer "we keep all customer information" halooooooooo before i have credit card no body call me either from any insurance company.

I don't know how the integrity monitored in Bank. Until now i did not trust any Monetary agencies, Telecommunication agencies or other company need our personal information.

Please do not ever give your personal information to others.

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